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Statco Qualifications

Statco has an extensive history and vast experience providing high-volume, high-quality, timely data processing services. Since 1959, the company has performed data entry and forms processing for government and private industry and is ever-evolving to meet industry needs.


Over 200 years of collective experience in commercial data processing has helped establish the way we work, a methodology which has contracted, performed and completed millions of dollars in data processing needs and ongoing high-volume data processing applications.

Our method of operation is to cross-train data entry and scanning operators to ensure a pool of qualified personnel is ready to meet significant and unexpected periodic increases in transaction volume with no reduction in the quality of the work. When operators are well trained and equipped to handle any situation, there is no time lost, no quality sacrificed, and no extra costs for our clients.

Industry Experience

For over 50 years Statco has processed confidential source document information for government and private industry clients. Our services have made a huge impact on businesses during these last several decades.

1960’s: Payroll information for IBM and other employers
1970’s: Liquidation of assets for the Department of Insurance
1980’s: Vehicle title transfers for the Texas Department of Transportation and employee wage statements for Texas Employment Commission
1990’s: Confidential patient records for the Texas Department of Human Services and Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
2000’s: Document processing experience expanded into providing services “on-site” at our client locations allowing the company to expand capacity and still meet the specific needs of these clients. This is demonstrated by our contracts with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and the Texas Education Agency.
2010’s: Document processing expanded into providing a “Best of Both Shores” outsourcing strategy to take advantage of lower global labor costs and Statco’s 50+ years of managing data conversion and information management projects.   This concept enabled us to deliver results beyond expectations for many of our industry clients.

Team Management

Statco’s client services team employs full-time and part-time employees along with our global partner staffing resources. We house a full-time programming staff as part of our project management team, and ensure that programming and systems personnel are available on a daily basis to accommodate any changes in transaction processing or output program requirements. The Statco staff is well experienced and performs well within high turn-around processing environments. Our team works with you, and adjusts to changing operating conditions as they occur.

Business Security

Proven, consistent procedures have controlled these transaction documents and others without a breach of confidence or loss of document. As a condition of employment, all Statco employees are subject background checks and required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Access to Statco’s computer is restricted to Statco personnel only. All programming, system maintenance or data transfers of Client information are performed by Statco authorized personnel only. Statco will allow the Client’s designated representative free access to Statco’s operating facilities for the purpose of evaluating Statco’s security controls.


The Statistical Service Corporation of Austin, or Statco as we’ve become known, got its start in Texas in 1959. Since current ownership has been in place in 1987, our client driven services, just-in-time processing turnaround and efficient and high-quality computer information systems have resulted in substantial growth in sales and high client retention.

Statco has over 200 collective years of experience in commercial data processing, with a focus on data entry, document scanning and form processing. We have performed and completed millions of dollars in data processing contracts, and we work with the best businesses in the greater Austin community and now across the United States and in other countries. Our relationship working with the State of Texas and commercial companies has been ongoing for over 50 years.

We have a strong and diverse client base including industries, agencies and organizations that greatly contribute to the breadth of information services we can perform well. Statco practices a client-driven service commitment, which keep you the client informed and involved through communication every step of the way. Our exceptional service in both data processing and communicating with clients has contributed to our business’s exponential growth and long list of satisfied customers.


It’s almost ironic to think how expensive and complex computers used to be. Statco got its start during this time, when computers were new and most companies could not own or operate their own system. James B. Moore understood this circumstance in 1959, and by investing in a computer system with his partners, he developed Statco to serve the needs of a rapidly growing market of statistical service users.

Since those early days, technology has developed and computer systems are now affordable to most businesses and individual buyers. Statco, however, has continued to grow steadily and has evolved to meet the highly demanding challenges of the computer industry. In 1987, STATCO moved toward a new vision for success with a focus on client driven services. Under the leadership of William F. Krautter, Statco is more pro-active and involved with clients to better understand their information processing needs.

Today, client driven services, just-in-time processing turnaround and efficient, high-quality computer information systems has resulted in substantial growth in sales and high client retention since 1987. Our business is continually able to save costs for clients and increase productivity by processing information outside their organizations. Statco’s client base continues to grow and diversify allowing us to evolve into new practices and services as the industry calls for them.

Notice of Business Combination Between Statco and CPI Data Services

With extreme pleasure, Statco of Austin Texas is announcing the combination of its services to customers with CPI Data Services of Farmington Hills, Michigan. Statco and CPI have been strategic partners working together to provide excellence on customer data processing and operations for over 9 years. CPI has 25 years of experience in the scanning and data capture business. The merger is effective April 1, 2020 and, on that date, CPI will begin leading the Statco customer services.

Client Driven Services

When Statco initially meets with a client, we bring on board a client service professional that is familiar with our client’s industry or specific needs. We then build a custom support team for our client consisting of computer information technicians and information processing personnel to identify the scope of information services we will be providing. The support team and client work together to assign responsibilities, identify required services and schedule dates to accomplish the client’s computer information management needs.

Our client services professional acts as liaison between the client and Statco. This constant contact keeps the client informed and involved, and is the foundation for an ongoing relationship. This client driven service commitment has contributed to the explosive growth of Statco in recent years and is also responsible for Statco’s many satisfied clients.


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