Contact Information Data Entry with Address Correction and Standardization

Data Entry of Contact Information and Address Correction with USPS Mailing Standardization

Data captured from handwritten forms and lists, Today!

Capturing contact information and digitizing it for the first time can be a daunting task. Forms and list sources can vary; information is presented in different locations on a page, information can be hand printed or in script form and mailing addresses maybe in an illegible or non-standard format. Statco will organize the source documents, capture, correct and standardize addresses with all the relevant information and deliver the data in a text, spreadsheet or database file. Addresses will be corrected and standardized to USPS mailing specifications to ensure the highest percentage of accurate mail delivery. With U.S. first class mail approaching almost $0.50 per piece this can create substantial savings compared to non-standardized mailings. Standardized addresses can also reduce duplicate mailings to the same address using delete-duplicate data processing with more accuracy.

Statco will provide contact information data entry and address correction / standardization services from paper forms, lists and digital image files (PDF, TIFF, etc.) with data delivered into your specified database or file format. We use our best practices developed over the past 50+ years for accuracy, exceptional turnaround and timely customer communications.

Our business can handle most any data entry outsourcing request whether you have 100, 1,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000+ documents with information to capture. Our services offer quick turnaround times, guaranteed accuracy rates, and a timely, low-cost solution to your unique needs.


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