Cookies in the oven and U.S. students receive millions for special school projects

This fall students across the country raised millions of dollars for school sponsored programs through a unique fundraising program — selling ready to bake cookie dough. Statco was very pleased to provide the data processing support needed to process orders from students for Otis Spunkmeyer’s cookie dough and other products.

Statco provided support in preparing and reviewing the order forms for data entry, order processing, document scanning, producing statistical reports and information for student awards. With all this, school event sponsors were able to access and receive order reports to help them easily pick up the student’s orders on distribution day. Also, sponsors received statistical report documents through an on-line document management system.

Between September and November the program covered 450+ elementary, middle, high school fundraising events for various PTA, PTO, athletic, music and service organizations.  Over 58,000 students participated in these school sponsored events and they raised over $2.8 million for their organization’s projects.

Statco processed all order forms within 24 hours of receipt and delivered product order transaction files to Otis Spunkmeyer’s supply chain system electronically – the same day. Both sales forces for the school sponsors and Otis Spunkmeyer received order form images, detailed and summary statistical reports in 48 hours via a web-based document management system.

Otis Spunkmeyer and Statco are excited about the results of the fall 2010 fundraising event season for all the participating schools and students. We anticipate continued success for the Spring and Fall 2011 seasons. For more information on how your service organization can benefit from Otis Spunkmeyer products visit their fundraising page. If you like to see how Statco might help solve some data processing requirements of your company, please see our web site.


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