Data Entry Case Study

The Challenge:

Data capture of marketing and contact information from preferred customer registration forms and deliver the data on a timely basis to support various customer marketing support programs. Reduce a backlog of 100,000’s of forms as quickly as possible and provide for on-going volume of 20,000+ forms per week. Improve the communication and quality of service experience from the current service provider.

The Solution:

Provide STATCO’s client driven data entry services designed to process high volumes of registration cards and capture customer contact and response information. Use our best practices developed over the past 50 years for accuracy, exceptional turnaround and timely customer communications. Utilize metrics to evaluate best practices and deliverables to the client.

The Results:

Completed the backlog of customer registration forms in weeks instead of months and continues to deliver 20,000+ forms each week. STATCO improved address accuracy by reducing undeliverable mail from 13% to 4.5% over the previous service provider. All phone and email contacts returned during the same business day.


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