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General Questions:

What is the method for document, folder and/or box inventory prior to processing?

Depending on the volume of documents, Statco will either barcode documents, folders and/or boxes for offsite storage and inventory or will log for onsite staging and processing.

Can the company accommodate large volume processing and what is the capacity and turnaround time?

Statco currently processes approximately 600,000 document pages per month.

What is the company’s experience with legal document processing?

Statco completed a large scanning, OCR processing, cleanup and index edit proofing of Rate Hearing Transcripts project for a large Austin law firm on time and at budget.

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Data Entry & Indexing:

What key entry software do you use?

Statco uses a combination of data entry software technologies designed to facilitate the quickest, most accurate key entry possible.

Do you offer straight mass key entry from handwritten or typed forms?

Yes, STATCO offers two levels of key entry from handwritten (or typed) forms:

  • Key only entry – data keyed once at 96%-98% level of accuracy.
  • Key and Verify entry – data keyed by 1st operator, verified by 2nd operator, and discrepancies between the first two are determined by a 3rd operator (typically a supervisor), bringing level of accuracy to 99.5%.

Prices are determined by number of keystrokes required per document and the type of documents transcribed. If documents are handwritten and require punctuation they will cost more than typewritten and no punctuation. Pricing generally ranges from .001 to .006 per character keyed

What are your data transcription turnaround capabilities?

Statco’s recurring projects and on-going processing require 24-72 hour turnaround scheduling as determined by our clients.

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Document Preparation:

What are your offered doc prep services?

Statco services include, but not limited to, folder disassembly–removal of staples and paper clips, sorting and batching, etc. at a cost of between $.01 and $.08 per page.

Does the company create, apply and track bar-coded Bates labels or other types of identification labels?

If able, STATCO will create, apply and track bar-coded labels. If the document cannot be labeled, we will utilize control log tracking sheets and clipped control tags to track documents.

What is the method used to track page counts during document preparation?

Pages are counted before and after scanning to assure accurate page counts. We use an automated page counting via scanner functions when possible, and where project documents have allowed, OCR processing has been successfully deployed to match document control counts.

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Document Scanning / Images:


Can you describe the functionality of the software?

STATCO uses the AutoScan 32 batch scanning software from VisionShape. The software supports OCR, bar code and these image cleaning capabilities:

  • removes black borders
  • deshades
  • despeckles
  • deskews
  • character smoothes
  • thickens & thins
  • fills line breaks
  • smoothes and cleans lines
  • performs horizontal & vertical line removal
  • performs streak removal
  • rotates
  • scales

Does the company have the ability to scan and index to single page Group IV TIFF format at 300 dpi?

Yes, TIFF Groups III and IV with pricing at $.04 to $.15 per 8 1/2″ x 11″ page, depending on index requirements.

Can you describe the method used for image quality assurance?

Depending on the scope of services, each page (or 1Nth page) will be reviewed by a quality control process. The specific exception details and correction processing services are developed into the project service plan. Prices run $.01 to $.03 per page

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Document Security:

Can you briefly discuss your basic physical security?

Statco’s corporate location at 8870 Business Park Drive is a secure access facility which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a third party monitoring company.

How is document information safeguarded?

Access to client documents is physically controlled at all times in our corporate office. No client documents are sent “off-shore” for processing nor do we utilize “at-home” workers or subcontractors without client approval. Documents are not scanned, imaged or transmitted over the Internet without client approval. All of STATCO’s business practices and information security procedures are HIPAA compliant under the Business Partner designation for covered entities. Statco’s Data Security and Confidentiality Policy Statement is below:

Data Security and Confidentiality Policy Statement:

  • With respect to any and all information disclosed by CLIENT to STATCO including, but not limited to, any of CLIENT’s customer data or information (collectively, “Client Information”), STATCO shall: (i) assure and guarantee strict confidentiality and security of all Client Information, (ii) not use or disclose any Client Information for any purpose other than the purpose for which STATCO received such Client Information under this Agreement and (iii) disclose Client Information only to STATCO’s employees whose duties reasonably require access to such Client Information and who have signed a confidentiality agreement with respect to the same. STATCO shall not share any Client Information with any third party without CLIENT’s prior written consent to be determined in CLIENT’s sole and absolute discretion. STATCO shall not include any Client Information in any modeling or other compilation of data for STATCO’s internal purposes or for STATCO’s use with any other clients. STATCO also represents and warrants that it currently follows industry best practices as a means to prevent any compromise of its information systems, computer networks, or data files (“Systems”) by unauthorized users, viruses, or malicious computer programs which could in turn be propagated via computer networks, email, magnetic media or other means to CLIENT. STATCO agrees to immediately give CLIENT written notice if the security of its Systems are breached or compromised in any way. STATCO shall apply appropriate internal information security practices including, but not limited to, using appropriate firewall and anti-virus software, maintaining such countermeasures, operating systems and other applications with up-to-date virus definitions and security patches; installing and operation security mechanisms in the manner in which they were intended; and permitting only authorized users access to computer systems, applications and related links. STATCO specifically agrees to use up-to-date anti-virus tools to remove known viruses from any email message or data transmitted to CLIENT and prevent unauthorized access to any CLIENT Information and systems via STATCO’s networks and access codes.

Does the processing facility have government security clearances?

Statco has received Security Clearance for sensitive documents for such Texas State agencies as the Health and Human Services Commission, Office of the Comptroller of Public Accounts, the Commission on Environmental Quality, the Health Department Bureau of Vital Statistics and the State Bar of Texas.

Do employees have government security clearance?

Statco requires that all its employees as a condition of continued employment have criminal background checks and sign confidential non-disclosure agreements as required for the State of Texas.

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OCR Processing:

What type of OCR processing software do you use?

Statco employs OCR processing software packages developed by Caere, Xerox and Cardiff.

What method do you use to calculate and track character accuracy per page?

The ability to calculate and track character accuracy is an integrated part of the OCR/ICR processing software Statco uses.

Do you process OCR to single page text files?

Yes, pricing starts at $.02 to $.15 per 8 1/2″ x 11″ page, verification starting at $.30/page.

Do you offer ICR services?

STATCO uses Cardiff for ICR Constrained Hand Print Form Recognition, with pricing at $.10 to $.25 per 8 1/2″ x 11″ page.

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OCR Cleanup / Text Editing:

Can you describe the word processing software used for cleanup of dirty OCR?

Statco utilizes MS Word software for the cleanup of dirty OCR.

Does the company perform OCR cleanup from images?

Yes, with pricing at a rate of $.25 to $3.00 per page.

What method is used to check quality assurance of cleaned text?

Statco tests each sample page of a project to set actual levels of false positives or character substitutions or “confidence ratio”. We then continually monitor performance levels relative to those ratios to assure consistent and accurate image capture.

What is the background/experience of the company’s cleanup technicians?

The data entry personnel responsible for OCR Cleanup and Quality Assurance have a combined 200 years of experience and extensive experience working on scanning projects for many businesses, both public and private and as well for government.

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