Form Processing Case Study

Form Processing Case Studies

The Challenge:

Millions of grocery vouchers for the Women and Infant Children (WIC) Program of Texas must be imaged and processed for timely payment to grocery stores and submitted to the federal government for matching funds. Voucher data and scanned images must be accurately captured, verified and transmitted on a daily basis for processing.

The Solution:

STATCO’s custom form processing services were designed to capture voucher food prescription data and prices, process bar code identification information and deliver voucher images. Best practices are used to maintain a 99% or better accuracy of data and images during the entire processing cycle of 25,000 to 50,000 vouchers per day.

The Result:

The State of Texas delivers to grocers timely and accurate payments for over a million vouchers each month and submits to the federal government timely reimbursement information. Infant nutrition counselors receive timely confirmation of food prescriptions on the children of Texas covered by the program. STATCO has processed these vouchers since 1992 and in 2002 was recognized as the agency’s standard for quality in the WIC program.


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