Lockbox Mail Processing

Mail and Remittance Processing Lockbox Services

The receiving and processing of returned mail items to a lockbox address on a timely basis can be a challenging function for many organizations. Statco has made this a “seamless” service process by managing all the detailed  processes associated with daily or seasonal volumes of mail. Whether the mailed items are payment receipts for remittance processing, invoices for accounts payable processing, customer contact forms for marketing; Statco has the right combination of labor and technology to meet your needs.

When designing a lockbox service option for our clients, we review all the requirements for each type of mail return item and the associated processing activities to receive, convert and deliver the appropriate information. The scope of service may include opening and sorting lockbox mail items, data entry, document scanning, OCR data capture, FTP delivery of images and data files or any number of customized information processing services.

Lockbox Service Support for Retail and Wholesale Requirements

  • Payments
  • Product Registrations
  • Invoices
  • Contract Documents



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