Research Data Acquisition and Conversion

  • On-line Search and Data Acquisition
  • Document Identification, Title Creation and Indexing
  • Data Abstraction and Compilation from Documents and Web Sites

Since 1959 Statco has assisted government, industry organizations and universities with their research data acquisition requirements. The scope of these data acquisition requirements may range from reviewing known and identified source documents to obtaining unknown research data using on-line tools and the Internet. Research data can be acquired using structured data from identified documents or using unstructured data from documents obtained from public domains.

Statco develops services, resources and processes using today’s technology to gather and collect research data based on the researcher’s requirements. This may include reviewing hundreds of thousands of document pages in printed or electronic form from various sources identified by the researcher. At times the data research services may involve online data gathering, data collection, data conversion, data compilation, data entry or data harvesting sources using search engines electronically over the Internet. This information is compiled into databases, spreadsheets and reports to assist researchers with their project data requirements.

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Examples of data acquisition and conversion projects include:

  • Health and Medical Survey Research Data
  • Behavior Demographic and Statistical Evaluation Data
  • Academic Testing Score Data
  • Periodic On-line Search for Sales or Statistical Data
  • Comparative Financial Reporting Data
  • County Legal, Tax and Appraisal Data
  • Personal Census Data
  • Compliance Reporting Data

These projects may have required Statco to use identified paper source documents or links to digitized documents provided by researchers. In some cases on-line research was used to locate the appropriate documents used in the data acquisition and compilation processes.

Some of the research organizations served by Statco are: University of California, University of Washington, Princeton University, University of Texas, Stanford University, Rutgers University, Arizona State University, Loma Linda University, University of Colorado, NOAA, US Forestry, Berkeley Research and Walgreens.


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