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Our team can transcribe via data entry any handwritten or printed document into a spreadsheet (i.e. Excel), database (i.e. Access) or text file (CSV), designed to meet your specifications.


Accurate & Timely Data Entry with Competitive Prices and Quality Services has been Statco’s core business since 1959!

Statco makes it easy for you to take the documents you have and turn them into documents you can use. If you have paper and image forms, directory listings, spreadsheets, reports or any number of handwritten or printed documents we can transcribe the required information using data entry and other data capture techniques into Excel, Access or a text file database designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We can also enter information directly into your internet web site application!

Our business can handle most any data entry service request whether you have 100 or 100,000 documents with information to capture. Our data entry services offer quick turnaround times, guaranteed accuracy rates, and a timely, low-cost solution to your unique needs.

The entry of repetitive, high-volume data on a consistent and accurate basis can be challenging. Our experienced data entry professionals are trained to capture data efficiently and effectively.  So quit worrying about being understaffed during peak processing periods, or using higher paid personnel to perform routine data entry tasks. If you are tired of data entry staffing problems and constantly spending time to hire and train temporary service staff, Statco may be exactly what your business needs.

Data Entry Service Support for:

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We provide complete data processing services including:  data entry form preparation, data form control, manual data entry, automated data capture, data base production and electronic data transmission and delivery.

To receive a free quote on a data entry project call us at 512-795-5000, or email us at If your project is defined please include  (1) a sample page of the form or document used for data entry marked with the fields required for capture, (2) a sample output file of the fields and values required (Excel is fine for this) and (3) include the total number of forms or documents.

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Statco is not a work at-home opportunity. All of our U.S. staff work from inside our corporate facility in Austin, Texas. For more information visit our employment opportunities page.

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