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More and more companies are transitioning the way they do business from paper to the digital world. Statco first scans the mounds of paper documents in your business. Once scanned images have been processed, Statco can leave you with a structured digital file directory you can later use for quick reference and information retrieval.

In today’s world, it is good to go digital. We scan thousands of pages every day and use the latest tools to ensure clear document and image conversions. Not only can you generate an electronic archive of all your most important documents, but you can also increase the available storage space in your business once occupied by paper.



Services May Include:

Prepare documents pages for scanning

Each paper page is prepared for scanning by removing staples, paper clips, smoothing edges, orienting direction and index coding.

Scan to single page digital file
Each paper page is scanned into one of many digital file formats (Tiff, PDF, Jpeg, Gif, etc) using high speed scanners with high quality document and image results.

Process scanned documents in multi-page digital files
Single page scans are processed into either of the two most popular multi page digital file formats (Multi-page Tiff and PDF) using the latest tools for image clean-up and conversion.

Attach indexes to digital file for fast retrieval
Key information captured from each page or document is then converted into an index for digital image access and retrieval using data entry, bar code recognition and OCR processing technologies.

Link documents and indexes to other information
Documents and their basic key information can be linked to external databases and information files for expanded data retrieval or reporting.

Create “searchable” PDF documents for text based retrieval
Improve access to document pages while keeping the original page imagery.

Store documents and data securely on-line
Archive documents and its related data using your own OneDrive, DropBox, GDrive or Internet Cloud Storage solution.


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