Document Scanning / Imaging Services – Pricing

The 3.5¢ per Page – Document Scanning / Imaging Service Solution*

Did you know? Retrieving a single file or page from a storage box or file cabinet can cost $15 – $30 or More!

  • Scan and index document files into digital image format with pricing starting at 3.5¢ per page
  • For as little as 3.5¢ per page, convert file drawers and storage boxes of documents to digital image files
  • Store all your paper files into digital images on CD or disk media for just pennies-a-page.

Document files can be retrieved and displayed instantly using the existing file Search and Imaging applications inside Windows ™ 98/2000/XP/Win7/Win10 desktop or using your own OneDrive, DropBox, GDrive or Internet Cloud Storage solution.

file records scanning*The 3.5¢ Per Page Document Scanning / Imaging Service Includes:

  • Scanning each page including duplex page printing
  • Each page scanned and returned to the original document order as provided
  • Page sizes can be either 8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 14
  • Digital image files are produced in black and white, TIFF or PDF image format
  • Digital files are produced in either single page or multi-page file format
  • Image files are returned on USB media
  • Minimum volume is 4,300 pages; lower volumes subject to $150 minimum charge

Other Services Available:

  • Color image files (starting at  9¢ per page)
  • B&W on mixed sizes or separate file groups (starting at  6.5¢ per page)
  • Document page preparation including removal of staples, paper clips; pages oriented (starting at 1.5¢ per page)
  • OCR processing for searchable PDF files (starting at 2¢ per page)
  • Multiple file folder indexing for each file (starting at 40¢ per index up to 30 characters)
  • Post-scan document stapling and re-assembly (starting at 2¢ per page)
  • Shipping, document destruction – contact us for pricing

FAQ’s on Document Scanning | FAQ’s on Data Preparation


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