Image Conversion

Statco provides quality image conversion for Canofile and CFView.

A massive number of image file formats are available for storing graphical data, and, consequently, there are a number of issues associated with converting from one image format to another. The key issues associated with image conversion are file size, software compatibility, and format compatibility.



Canofile 250 / 510

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Canofile for Windows

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CFView for Windows

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Typical Pricing

Canofile 250/510 pricing is $65 – $80 per MO disk depending on volumes for basic conversions and $85 – $100 per MO disk for index rename and PDF conversion. Canofile for Windows pricing is $60 – $100 per 500MB cabinet depending on volumes. CFView for Windows pricing is $500 – $700 per 500 MB cabinet.


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