We Have Cancelled Our Canofile Services Effective 2/1/2019. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Canofile™ 250/510 Image Conversion Services

This service will allow Canofile™ 250/510 users to convert their existing images and indexes into a format which will be importable into a PC based image management software system.


The Canofile™ system is a proprietary imaging system that does not easily support standard PC interfaces. The system uses electro-magneto optical (EMO) storage media, which is re-writable optical media. Canon has a separate product called CFView, which allows a PC configured with the same Canofile™ EMO disk drive to view and export images created on their proprietary system.

CFView Limitation:

Currently, a limitation exists in CFView’s exporting of images and indexes. The index information once exported has no direct link to the image and some versions will not allow batch exporting. The images are exported as one file set and the indexes are exported as a separate file set. This process does not create a one-to-one relationship of image to index on images with the same index values.

STATCO’s Conversion Process:

STATCO’s conversion process takes each image and index separately from the Canofile™ EMO disk and creates a TIFF Group 3 or 4 or other image formatted BMP/PCX file from the image and produces an ASCII file holding the index for each image exported. The ASCII file holds the filename of the TIFF image file and its associated index information. This process assures that the exact index for each image is identified to the image file before importing to the PC based image library management system.

STATCO can provide the image and index information in a format ready for import into most image library management software systems that support an import capability.

Conversion Pricing:

Pricing will depend on the number of  Canon Diskfile 502 MO disks converted and scope of activities associated with successfully converting Canofile™ 250/510 images into the customer’s selected image management system. Media costs, freight charges, sales taxes (if applicable) and other incidentals are added to the conversion pricing. Typically, images and indexes are copied to CD-ROM or Hard Disk. We verify media compatibility and provide a sample test before the production conversion process starts. A sample of STATCO’s standard pricing guidelines for Canofile conversions is as follows:

Conversion Processing (incremental pricing per application)

  • 1 – 20 MO disks $80.00 per disk
  • 21 – 50 MO disks $75.00 per disk
  • 51 + MO disks $65.00 per disk
  • CD Media Production First CD included in per disk price ($10.00 per CD for each copy)
  • Programming (if necessary for custom enhancements) $125.00 per hour

Canofile™ is a trademark of Canon USA


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