Statco Expands its “Best of Both Shores” Strategy in 2012

In 2011 Statco piloted a “Best of Both Shores” outsourcing strategy in several data capture, conversion and processing projects.  Recognizing the need to deliver timely, accurate, and cost-effective data processing options for our clients, Statco has partnered with various global resources to deliver services at lower than expected prices. This concept enabled us to deliver results beyond the client’s expectations.

As the Statco Team analyzes project requirements and evaluates the source data converted, technology and labor options are identified. Technology options are considered first in order to reduce the amount of manual labor required to complete the data conversion and processing. This process might only include imaging the source documents for staging the conversion process or expand into barcode recognition and OCR text conversion. When these processes cannot complete the data conversion requirements, manual data entry is required to complete the conversion process. This is where the “Best of Both Shores” strategy is deployed.

The type and format of original data to be converted is evaluated as to its appropriateness for different labor sources and their related expertise. This evaluation includes: handwritten verses machine printed, as well as sensitive verses benign data content. Timeliness of converted data delivery verses cost of labor source is reviewed against project requirements and budget.  Some factors which may affect the selected labor shore include same day turn-around of converted data, variable formatted documents, handwritten source documents, and interpretation of language content.


In all cases the quality control of converted data and management of the conversion project is performed by Statco’s U.S. based team members. This team also provides the best communication solution for the client during the data conversion project.


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