Welcome Back!

Statco is a client driven services company which prides itself on serving its long standing customers over the past 50+ years. Sometimes, unfortunately, these client requirements change and service separation occurs.  Every business feels a sense of disappointment when a customer makes a decision to make a change which disengages your services. The list of reasons for these departures can be many but usually are categorized by price, quality and availability. If any of these elements change from the original offering many times a customer looks for an alternative to your service or product offering.

Statco often uses this opportunity for service evaluation and improvement through dialog with the client and many times the client will return.  Statco has experienced the “Welcome Back” of former clients and it is one of the most satisfying pleasures in business.

This month Statco is pleased to “Welcome Back”:

The University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea ®.

  • This program tried an internal pilot program to convert student contact information forms using internal staff. The pilot revealed that the Statco offerings provided faster and more accurate information to their recruiting database while maintaining an acceptable return on their cost investment.

The Railroad Commission of Texas

  • A new opportunity for outsourcing forms conversion became available through the retirement of a staff member. Statco was invited to competitively bid among all data entry providers in the local market. Our prior experience and excellent service history with the Railroad Commission, along with competitive pricing was the primary basis of this award.


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